• Balance the Budget
  • Preserve the Landmarks Ordnance
  • Local Foods in Public Schools
  • Nullify the Citizen’s United Court Case
  • Implement the Climate Action Plan Recommendations

Letter From The Candidate

I grew up with the lesson that we should leave things better than we found them and that if you work hard you can achieve anything.

Being from a single parent household, I had to work my way through college. I received a scholarship to the University of Louisville from the Varsity Debate team and earned a degree in Mathematics. I then went to California where I earned a MBA with a focus in sustainability. I worked as an Economic Development consultant to the city of Carmel and as a Management Specialist for the County of Monterey. I also worked for two years as the Sustainability Coordinator for the Offset Project.

If you want someone who can analyze budgets, make hard decisions, and good investments with your tax dollars I am your candidate. If you want someone who will make these decisions with a true understanding of what teachers and public service workers go through every day, then I am your candidate.

Upon returning to Louisville I started a non-profit called Louisville Grows that works to help the less fortunate gain access to healthy food options, primarily by organizing community gardens. Our newest project has already infused the Shawnee community with 36 pounds of fresh, organic produce. I also work for Humana as an actuary and am trained in financial mathematics.

It is time to think about the future, not just look back at the past. It is time that we had a city council that is proactive about the challenges we face. This is what we deserve and that is why I am running.

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